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Keep me in your thoughts
The special place for you
Conversations into the night
Going till the dawn

Keep the fires burning
The flame will flicker long
Conversations last forever
Going on and on

Keep up the fight
The daily struggle
Conversations without words
Going through the motions

Keep your head held high
The weight will soon be lifted
Conversations lighten the load
Going to get easier

Keep me in your memories
The good times and the bad
Conversations heal old wounds
Going towards the future

Keep yourself together, through
The constant battle
Conversations flow more naturally
Going to take time

Keep your chin up, and
The light will help you shine
Conversations start to ripple
Going round and round

Keep your heart open
The tears will shortly fade
Conversations of hope and
Going on without you

Keep the faith
The good will come again
Conversations bring balance
Going to get through

Keep the conversation going
The special place in your mind
Conversations are important
Going to remember. Always


Keep the conversation going;