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Special Needs World


Take my hand I’ll show you,

The land I see each day.

My world is full of challenges,

And thoughts that twirl and spin.


But this world is full of magic,

Adventure and acceptance.

To me your day seems too intense,

 Too much choice to make.


A look from you can frighten.

A whisper breaks my ears.

Your soft touch stabs at my soul.

 That candle burns my eyes.


My realm is full of creativity,

Of strange and wondrous things.

A special place made just for me.

That few could understand.


I’ll share my secret with you,

Just stop and take my hand.

Be patient with my silence,

Sometimes distance is my goal.


Respect all of my challenges.

Let me take my time.

Go gentle when you’re near me,

And quiet when you speak.


One day we’ll run together,

And dance with fireflies.

We’ll sing by the light of rainbows.

And make friends on dragon’s wings.


Please know that I am different.

I sometimes need some space.

Your world is way too busy,

My mind needs to escape.


So take my hand I’ll guide you.

To my world of make believe.

We’ll play together always.

Oh what friends we’ll be.