There are many things I would like to say to you, but I don’t know how.

I may have Autism, but Autism doesn’t have me.

Seeing the world from a different angle.

I am different, not less.

Please see my ability, not my disability.




Autism is not a disease, it is an Neurodevelopmental condition.

It affects the brain growth and developmentautism1.

There is no cure.

Autism may affect communication and social interaction.

It affects approximately 1 in every 110 people.

Diagnosis is based on visual and physical observation.

There is no medical marker for Autism.

Autism affects 4 times as many males as females.



Just like Rain Man, people with autism have savant skills.asperges final page

Autism is caused by bad parenting.

Children with autism can’t learn.

Kids with autism don’t want to make friends.

Autism is caused by vaccination.

Autism is not caused by eating any type of food.

People with Autism have no emotions.

Autistic behaviour can’t be changed.





Understanding Autism:

autism3like all conditions Autism affects every individual differently. Whilst there are similarities between those living with Autism, the signs and symptoms will variety depending on the individual. Autism causes the brain to process external stimuli in a different fashion, and may cause an over abundant of stimuli. For the average person, a conversation between two people will be easy to follow and comprehend, for someone on the Autism Spectrum, one person talking at a time can be doubled or tripled in effect, meaning that a conversation with one person actually seems like a conversation with a group of people is taking place. Imagine how hard it is to focus on one person talking when you are at a party, and this is the challenge that someone on the spectrum faces every day.

For some Autistic people, lights seem to shine brighter than the sun, or a laser being pointed directly into your eyes. Glare makes it hard to focus and it may cause physical pain. Imagine Sunday morning, after a big Saturday night, hangover city. Every bright surface is a glow with light and glare. Sunglasses become essential but some how useless. Moving from room to room becomes dangerous as you try to adapt to the new sensations invading your eyes. Yesterday opening your eyes and looking outside didn’t require a second thought. Today you wont even begin to contemplate it. This may be an every day occurrence for someone on the Spectrum.

Standing next too a speaker at a rock concert will be uncomfortable for anyone. The baseautism5 pounding through your body as it beats into your chest. The screeching of the lead guitar vibrating through your ears. Bang, bang, bang, goes the sound of the drum as it leads and guides the rest of the band, enhanced and amplified through the speaker right into your ears. For some people on the Autism spectrum, the sound of a household washing machine, may sound like a Metallica concert on steroids.

Holding hands and giving someone a hug is generally considered a comforting thing. A way to connect and reassure each other. Physical contact is a normal everyday occurrence. It maintains and enhances all personal relationships. For an Autistic person, physical contact can cause actual pain. It can feel like burning or stabbing pain. Having someone stab you with a knife is  something everyone would avoid at all costs.

Now lets imagine, your at a Metallica concert, standing right next to the speaker, with a hangover, with a crowd of people all talking all at once, while someone is stabbing you in the arm. Now imagine someone is asking you to focus on a sentence in a book. It wouldn’t be easy for anyone. This is just some of the challenges being Autistic causes.


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