A Silent Goodbye;


Step by lonely step he walks.

Making his way to a destination.

Determined and focused,

He sees only his decision.

Ahead a peaceful sleep.

Behind a haunted past.

Slowly making his way to his future.

Walking unfaultering,

At peace with his thoughts.

Alone and free.

He knows what he has to do.

Walking ever forward.

Never looking back.

His steps on the road,

Echo in the silence.

The sound of gravel crunching,

A solace to his heart.

The  rising sun gently warming the world.

A shallow breeze disturbing the air.

His head held high.

His mind running free.

Time to silence the voices.

Strength in the acceptance.

Peace in his heart.

The lift of an arm,

A silent goodbye.

Wanting someone to see him,

Know him,

Acknowledge his presence.

No one to stop him.

No one could grab him.

No way to halt his steps.

As he takes his journey,

To his only escape.

His one true peace.

He finds comfort in his resolve.

Walking towards the end.

The road turns,

As he disappears out of sight.

His silent goodbye,

Was his final farewell.


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